How To Draw A Bumblebee

For today’s video, we’re going to show you how to draw a bumblebee and then how to color a bumblebee. While our bumblebee is very cute, watch out for his stinger! Para este video, vamos a mostrarte como dibujar un abejorro (abeja) y luego como colorear un abejorro. Mientras que nuestro abejorro es muy lindo, ten cuidado con su aguijon!


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How do you say “bumblebee” in other languages? Check below!

Afrikaans: hommel
Arabic: طنانة
Azerbaijani: Bambukbee
Belarusian: чмель
Bulgarian: земна пчела
Bengali: bumblebee
Bosnian: Bumbar
Catalan: Abellot
Cebuano: Bumblebee
Czech: čmelák
Welsh: Bumblebee
Danish: humlebi
German: Hummel
Greek: μέλισσα
English: bumblebee
Esperanto: bumblebee
Spanish: abejorro
Estonian: Kimalas
Basque: bumblebee
Persian: خرگوش
Finnish: Kimalaiset
French: bourdon
Irish: Bumblebee
Galician: Abejorro
Gujarati: બબલબી
Hausa: Bumblebee
Hindi: भंवरा
Hmong: bumblebee
Croatian: bumbar
Haitian Creole: Bourdon
Hungarian: darázs
Armenian: Խոնավություն
Indonesian: bumblebee
Igbo: Bumblebee
Icelandic: Bumblebee
Italian: bombo
Hebrew: דבורת בומבוס
Japanese: バンブルビー
Javanese: Bumblebee
Georgian: Bumblebee
Kazakh: Мылжың
Khmer: bumblebee
Kannada: ಬಂಬಲ್ಬೀ
Korean: 땅벌
Latin: bumblebee
Lao: bumblebee
Lithuanian: kamanė
Latvian: Bumba
Malagasy: tantely
Maori: Bumblebee
Macedonian: Бумбари
Malayalam: കുഴഞ്ഞുവീഴുക
Mongolian: Зөгий
Marathi: मोठी मधमाशी
Malay: Bumblebee
Maltese: Bumblebee
Myanmar (Burmese): ပျားပိတုန်း
Nepali: बम्बई
Dutch: hommel
Norwegian: humle
Chichewa: Bumblebee
Punjabi: ਭਰੂਬੀ
Polish: trzmiel
Portuguese: bumblebee
Romanian: bondar
Russian: шмель
Sinhala: බම්බලපිටිය
Slovak: včela
Slovenian: Kumar
Somali: Bumbbee
Albanian: grerëz
Serbian: Бумбар
Sesotho: Bumblebee
Sundanese: nyiruan gede
Swedish: humla
Swahili: Bumblebee
Tamil: வண்டு
Telugu: బంబుల్బీ
Tajik: Bumblebee
Thai: bumblebee
Filipino: Bubuyog
Turkish: yabanarısı
Ukrainian: Джмель
Urdu: بسمبل
Uzbek: Yomg'ir
Vietnamese: con ong
Yiddish: בומבלעבעע
Yoruba: Bumblebee
Chinese: 熊蜂
Chinese (Simplified): 熊蜂
Chinese (Traditional): 熊蜂
Zulu: Bumblebee


Music: Kevin MacLeod


CC BY 3.0

US CC BY 4.0

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