Fidget Spinner Spinning

For our kids apps video, we’re playing fidget spinner spinning games! In one game, you need to rotate a fidget spinner so it catches the falling colorful balls with the matching colored side. We also play with a spinning fidget spinners app! En este video estamos jugando con un aplicacion movil para ninos de fidget spinner donde tienes que capturar pelotas colorados con el lado correcto. Tambien jugamos con otro app donde giramos diferente tipos de fidget spinners. ߷߷߷

You can download these two fidget spinner apps here:



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Find your language below, then tell us in the comments section below where you’re from, and how you say “fidget spinner” in your language! Here are just a few examples:

Afrikaans: Fidget spinner
Arabic: فيدجيت، سبينر
Azerbaijani: başabəla əyirici
Belarusian: непаседа круцёлка
Bulgarian: Сладко
Bengali: স্পট স্পিনার
Bosnian: Fidget spinner
Catalan: intranquil·litat spinner
Cebuano: naghigwaos tigkalinyas
Czech: Fidget spinner
Welsh: Fidget troellwr
Danish: Fidget spinner
German: Fidget spinner
Greek: Fidget spinner
English: fidget spinner
Esperanto: fidget spinner
Spanish: Inquieto
Estonian: nihelema spinner
Basque: fidget spinner
Persian: بی قراری عنکبوتی که تار میتند
Finnish: Fidget spinner
French: Fouget spinner
Irish: Fidget spinner
Galician: fidget girador
Gujarati: અસ્વસ્થપણે હરવું ફરવું સ્પિનર
Hausa: yi kusunniya spinner
Hindi: अस्पष्ट स्पिनर
Hmong: fidget spinner
Croatian: Savitljiv spinner
Haitian Creole: Souke lawoulèt
Hungarian: Hülye spinner
Armenian: հուզել մանող
Indonesian: Pemintal gelisah
Igbo: imajijiji Spinner
Icelandic: Fidget spinner
Italian: Spinner di fidget
Hebrew: לטרוף טווה
Japanese: フィギットスピナー
Javanese: bingung spinner
Georgian: Fidget spinner
Kazakh: паук ұшқалақ
Khmer: នោមិនសុខប្រដាប់បង្វិល
Kannada: ಚಡಪಡಿಕೆ ಸ್ಪಿನ್ನರ್
Korean: 지폐 회 전자
Latin: fidget spinner
Lao: fidget spinner
Lithuanian: Fidget suktuko
Latvian: nervozēt vērpējs
Malagasy: fidget spinner
Maori: oreore āmio
Macedonian: нервничене фабрика
Malayalam: Fidget spinner
Mongolian: үймрах Ээрэх
Marathi: अस्ताव्यस्त फिरकीपटू
Malay: gelisah pemutar
Maltese: Fidget spinner
Myanmar (Burmese): တိုးတက်မှုနှုန်းမငြိမ်မသက်လှုပ်ရှားခြင်း
Nepali: चटपटाउनु स्पिनर
Dutch: Fidget spinner
Norwegian: Fidget spinner
Chichewa: fidget spinner
Punjabi: ਫਿੱਟ ਸਪਿਨਰ
Polish: Fidget spinner
Portuguese: Fidget girador
Romanian: Fidget spinner
Russian: Вертушка пряха
Sinhala: පිට දඟ පන්දු යවන හැදිලත්
Slovak: Fidget spinner
Slovenian: Fidget spinner
Somali: kuurkuursasho spinner
Albanian: Nervozizëm
Serbian: Фидгет паук
Sesotho: fidget corsi
Sundanese: guligah spinner
Swedish: Fidget spinner
Swahili: fidget spinner
Tamil: Fidget spinner
Telugu: కదులుతున్న స్పిన్నర్
Tajik: ташвиш кашидан spinner
Thai: ปั่นหมาด ๆ
Filipino: hindi mapakali spinner
Turkish: Fidget spinner
Ukrainian: непосида вертушка
Urdu: Fidget کی اسپنر
Uzbek: hayajonlanmoq spinner
Vietnamese: Fidget spinner
Yiddish: פידגעט ספּיננער
Yoruba: fidget spinner
Chinese: 小心翼翼的
Chinese (Simplified): 小心翼翼的
Chinese (Traditional): 小心翼翼的
Zulu: Uyayobayobeka wesipina


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Music: Chris Zabriskie

Music: Kevin MacLeod


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