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Our dinosaurs for kids video features a dinosaur coloring pages drawing app, which all kids absolutely love using! Download the app and color with us! En el video de hoy, estamos usando una aplicación móvil para colorear un dinosaurio de forma dinámica. Y a que niño lo le gusta o intriga el increíble mundo de los dinosaurios! 📱🐲

You can download this app and other kids educational apps here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dinosaurs-coloring-book-games-for-kids-free-drawing/id1108388667?mt=8

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Find your language below, then tell us in the comments section below where you’re from, and how you say “dinosaur” in your language! Here are just a few examples:

Afrikaans: dinosourus
Arabic: ديناصور حيوان منقرض
Azerbaijani: dinozavr
Belarusian: дыназаўр
Bulgarian: Динозавър
Bengali: অধুনালুপ্ত সরীসৃপবিশেষ
Bosnian: dinosaurus
Catalan: dinosaure
Cebuano: dinosaur
Czech: dinosaurus
Welsh: deinosor
Danish: dinosaurus
German: Dinosaurier
Greek: δεινόσαυρος
English: dinosaur
Esperanto: dinosaur
Spanish: dinosaurio
Estonian: dinosaurus
Basque: dinosauro
Persian: دایناسور
Finnish: dinosaurus
French: dinosaure
Irish: dineasáir
Galician: dinosauro
Gujarati: ડાયનાસોર
Hausa: dinosaur
Hindi: डायनासोर
Hmong: dinosaur
Croatian: Dinosaurus
Haitian Creole: dinozò
Hungarian: dinoszaurusz
Armenian: dinosaur
Indonesian: dinosaurus
Igbo: dainosoo
Icelandic: risaeðla
Italian: dinosauro
Hebrew: דינוזאור
Japanese: 恐竜
Javanese: dinosaur
Georgian: დინოზავრის
Kazakh: динозавр
Khmer: ដាយណូស័
Kannada: ಡೈನೋಸಾರ್
Korean: 공룡
Latin: dinosaur
Lao: ໄດໂນເສົາ
Lithuanian: dinozauras
Latvian: dinozaurs
Malagasy: dinôzôro
Maori: mokoweri
Macedonian: диносаурус
Malayalam: ദിനോസര്
Mongolian: үлэг гүрвэлийн
Marathi: डायनासोर
Malay: dinosaur
Maltese: dinosawru
Myanmar (Burmese): ဒီနောဆီးယား
Nepali: डायनासोर
Dutch: Dinosaurus
Norwegian: dinosaur
Chichewa: dinosaur
Punjabi: ਡਾਇਨਾਸੌਰ
Polish: dinozaur
Portuguese: dinossauro
Romanian: dinozaur
Russian: Динозавр
Sinhala: ඩයිනොසෝර
Slovak: dinosaurus
Slovenian: dinozaver
Somali: xayawaan qiroweyn
Albanian: dinozaur
Serbian: диносаурус
Sesotho: dinosaur
Sundanese: dinosaurus
Swedish: dinosaurie
Swahili: dinosaur
Tamil: டைனோசர்
Telugu: డైనోసార్
Tajik: динозавр
Thai: ไดโนเสาร์
Filipino: dinosauro
Turkish: dinozor
Ukrainian: динозавр
Urdu: ڈایناسور
Uzbek: dinosavr
Vietnamese: Khủng long
Yiddish: דיינאַסאָר
Yoruba: dainoso
Chinese: 恐龙
Chinese (Simplified): 恐龙
Chinese (Traditional): 恐龍
Zulu: dinosaur


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