Cute Puppies Playing Together

Our cute puppies playing together video features newborn chihuahua puppies playing and having fun! Sit back and watch these cute puppies doing funny things! Nuestro vídeo muestra Chihuahua​s recien nacidos. Aunque pequenos, estos lindos cachorros buscan la forma de divertirse. Disfruten de estos alegres y traviesos carrochoros y sus travesuras. 🐶😆🐕🐶😆🐕


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Check out our playlists where we feature coloring pages for kids, cute pet videos, kids apps, and worksheets for preschoolers!

– Coloring Pages for Kids:
– Cute Pet Videos:
– Kids Apps:
– Worksheets for Preschoolers:

Check out our playlists where we feature coloring pages for kids, cute pet videos, kids apps, and worksheets for preschoolers!

– Coloring Pages for Kids:
– Cute Pet Videos:
– Kids Apps:
– Worksheets for Preschoolers:

Find your language below, then tell us in the comments section below where you’re from, and how you say “chihuahua puppies” in your language! Here are just a few examples:

Afrikaans: Chihuahua hondjies
Arabic: الجرو تشيهواهوا
Azerbaijani: chihuahua bala
Belarusian: чыхуахуа шчанюкі
Bulgarian: Чихуахуа кученца
Bengali: চিহুহুয়া কুকুরছানা
Bosnian: chihuahua štenci
Catalan: Chihuahua cadells
Cebuano: Chihuahua mga itoy
Czech: Čivava štěňata
Welsh: cŵn bach Chihuahua
Danish: Chihuahua hvalpe
German: Chihuahua welpen
Greek: Κουτάβια τσιουάουα
English: chihuahua puppies
Esperanto: chihuahua puppies
Spanish: Cachorros chihuahua
Estonian: chihuahua kutsikad
Basque: chihuahua puppies
Persian: توله سگ چیهواهوا
Finnish: Chihuahua pennut
French: Chiots Chihuahua
Irish: puppies chihuahua
Galician: Chihuahua cans
Gujarati: ચિહુઆહુઆ ગલુડિયાઓ
Hausa: chihuahua kwiyakwiyi
Hindi: चिहुआहुआ पिल्ले
Hmong: chihuahua puppies
Croatian: Chihuahua štenci
Haitian Creole: chihuahua puppies
Hungarian: Chihuahua kölykök
Armenian: Chihuahua puppies
Indonesian: Chihuahua anak anjing
Igbo: Chihuahua puppies
Icelandic: Chihuahua hvolpar
Italian: Cuccioli di chihuahua
Hebrew: גורי צ'יוואווה
Japanese: チワワの子犬
Javanese: anak kirik chihuahua
Georgian: Chihuahua puppies
Kazakh: Chihuahua күшіктер
Khmer: puppies Chihuahua
Kannada: ಚಿಹೋವಾ ನಾಯಿಮರಿಗಳು
Korean: 치와와 강아지
Latin: chihuahua puppies
Lao: puppies chihuahua
Lithuanian: Čihuahua šuniukai
Latvian: čivava kucēni
Malagasy: Chihuahua alika kely
Maori: papi Chihuahua
Macedonian: Чивава кученца
Malayalam: ചിഹ്വാഹ് ഹെയർപി
Mongolian: Чихуахуа гөлөг
Marathi: चिहुआहुआ कुत्र्याच्या पिलांबद्दल
Malay: anak anjing chihuahua
Maltese: ġriewi Chihuahua
Myanmar (Burmese): chihuahua ခွေးပေါက်စ
Nepali: Chihuahua puppies
Dutch: chihuahua puppies
Norwegian: Chihuahua valper
Chichewa: chiwawa ana agalu
Punjabi: ਚਿਹੁਆਹਾ ਕੁੱਪੀ
Polish: Chihuahua szczenięta
Portuguese: Filhotes de cachorro da chihuahua
Romanian: Chihuahua pui
Russian: Щенки чихуахуа
Sinhala: චිහුවාහුවා puppies
Slovak: Šteňatá čivavy
Slovenian: Chihuahua mladiči
Somali: muqisho chihuahua
Albanian: Puppies chihuahua
Serbian: Цхихуахуа штенаца
Sesotho: Chihuahua dintsanyana
Sundanese: puppies Chihuahua
Swedish: Chihuahua valpar
Swahili: chihuahua puppies
Tamil: சிவாவா நாய்க்குட்டிகள்
Telugu: చివావా కుక్కలు
Tajik: puppies Чиуауа
Thai: chihuahua puppies
Filipino: chihuahua puppies
Turkish: Chihuahua puppies
Ukrainian: чихуахуа щенята
Urdu: چہواہوا puppies کے
Uzbek: Chihuahua Kuchukchalar
Vietnamese: Chihuahua puppies
Yiddish: Chihuahua פּאַפּיז
Yoruba: Chihuahua aja
Chinese: 奇瓦瓦狗小狗
Chinese (Simplified): 奇瓦瓦狗小狗
Chinese (Traditional): 奇瓦瓦狗小狗
Zulu: Chihuahua imidlwane


Footage: Hansende

Music: Javier Suarez


CC BY 3.0

CC BY-SA 4.0

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